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VPRC/VPRH Vertical Stack Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

Achieve Maxiumum Comfort, Space, Utilization and Economy With the VPRC/VPRH

Space Savings With More Room To Live In

The VPRC/VPRH vertical stack package terminal air conditioner allows design flexibility in new construction or renovation projects.Available as a straight cool model (VPRC) or heat pump model (VPRH),this unit is ideal for hotel/motel,extended care and assisted living facilities, as well as apartments or any suite layout. The VPRC/VPRH offers new options to room configuration.

Traditionally, through-the-wall air conditioning units were positioned below windows. The closet concealed VPRC/VPRH frees up this valuable space for other uses. Condition interior or adjoining rooms with just one VPRC/VPRH unit. The ducting capabilities of the VPRC/VPRH offer design freedom without sacrificing comfort or economy. The VPRC/VPRH may also be installed with a soffit concealed duct to deliver air to an additional location in a large room or to an adjacent room in a suite.

Quiet Operation And Comfort

The VPRC/VPRH is completely concealed in an enclosure which dramatically reduces sound levels. The unit 's vertical discharge allows ducting to the top of the room for the best circulation and elimination of cold drafts on occupants. Discharge air grills may be placed to direct air in the best pattern for the room while intake grills may be located on either of the two sides of the enclosure to optimize room space. Choice of control box location adds flexibility and ease of access for installation and serviceability.

Unique Condensate Removal System

The VPRC/VPRH features an extremely effective and efficient condensate removal system.The units incorporates a slinger ring for positive condensate re-evaporation.The VPRC/VPRH design eliminates the concern over building damage caused by condensate drainage or leakage and eliminates the need for a central condensate drain unlike competitor's units.

Ideal As Replacements

VPRC/VPRH's with field modifications may be used as replacements for Carrier 50 QT/ET,Armstrong Magic Pac, and Singer Vertical PTAC models and allows for an upgrade from cooling only installations to heat pumps.

IOM Guide
VPRC/VPRH 09-36 Rev. O
HVAC Guide Specifications - VPRC
HVAC Guide Specifications - VPRH
VPRC/VPRH Brochure Rev. 1/13
VPRC/VPRH Service Parts


Standard Features

  • Low voltage connection
  • All 208/230 models supplied with a line cord with proper plug to match outlet servicing the unit (265 V are hard wired)
  • Fresh air manual damper
  • Slinger Ring For Positive Condensate Re-evaporation
  • Wall Sleeve and anodized aluminum Condenser Louver
  • Each VPRC is equipped for a 24V wall thermostat connection. A plug connection is located at the control box location (right, left or front mount).


  • Hydronic Heat Package - consult factory
  • Supplemental Electric Heat
  • Return Air Access Panel with Frame
  • Painted Condenser Louver
  • Remote Thermostat
  • Disposable Return Air Filters
  • Casters -For Ease of Service and Maneuverability
  • 265//277V (Hard Wired)
  • Anti Short Cycle Timer
  • Disconnect Switch
  • Energy Management System (EMS) Relay

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