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PTAC - Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

Enviroair 16x42 PTAC
Install quality RetroAire PTAC replacement chassis for quiet comfort and reliability

RetroAire replacement PTAC chassis are the ideal alternative for replacing or upgrading older and inefficient thru-the-wall PTAC's. Designed to fit into existing wall sleeves, the complete line of RetroAire chassis make it easy to replace older units that are no longer marketed by the original manufacturer. You can cost effectively upgrade your older air conditioner to higher efficient equipment by sliding a new RetroAire PTAC chassis in an existing exterior wall opening.

Reduce Operating Expenses

PTAC's built 10 or more years ago had EER ratings of 5.0 or 6.0. Over a period of time the units can deteriorate until actual operating efficiency levels drop to 3.0 or 4.0. Installing a RetroAire replacement unit results in considerable energy savings. RetroAire replacements offer EERs (Energy Efficiency Ratios) as high as 10.00. New high efficiency rotary compressors, energy efficient motors and other component upgrades can conservatively save 150 watts per hour.

R410A Single Motor PTAC Series:
Installation and Operation Manual

R410A Dual Motor PTAC Series:
Specifications Sheet
R10 R12 R30  
Installation and Operation Manual
R10 R11 R12 R20
  R21 R22 R23 R24
  R30 R35 R40 R41
R410A Modular Motor PTAC Series
Installation and Operation Manual
R15C R50C R60C/H R65C
PTAC16x42 Standard Size
Installation and Operation Manual
Specifications Sheet
PTAC Spec 07 CE Rev. B (240011059)
  PTAC Spec 07 HP Rev. B (240011060)
  PTAC Spec 09 CE Rev. B (240011061)
  PTAC Spec 09 HP Rev. B (240011062)
  PTAC Spec 12 CE Rev. B (240011063)
  PTAC Spec 12 HP Rev. B (240011064)
  PTAC Spec 15 CE Rev. B (240011065)
  PTAC Spec 15 HP Rev. B (240011066)



  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinets Ė G90U corrosion rating
  • Quiet, low speed evaporator (indoor) blowers; two speed on most models
  • All heat exchanger coils (condenser and evaporator) have high efficiency rifled-tubes
  • Hot gas bypass valve for low ambient protection on all models
  • Dual condensate drain lines on most models protect wall sleeves, carpets and walls
  • Condenser (outdoor) fan remains off when unit in heat or vent mode, for energy savings
  • 208/230 volt standard, all models, 115 volt option most 09 & 12 models, 265/277 volt option, all models
  • Positive condensate re-evaporation
  • Corrosion inhibiting, condenser pan coating, accessible for cleaning through removable covers
  • Standard 5 year compressor warranty on all units.

Options: (Varies By Model)*

  • Electric heat 3,4 or 5KW on most units.
  • Hydronic heat (water or steam) for selected models
  • Replacement wall sleeves and indoor cabinets available as options to replace rusted, worn or damaged units
  • Remote thermostat option, most models
  • Dual voltage power option (emergency power systems)
  • Sea coast coated coils and pans options
  • Motorized fresh air damper option, with positive pressure seal and over-ride switch, most models
  • Time delay and program relays for energy management systems
  • Preset switch for cycling or continuous operation of evaporator fan

* Consult unit specifications for available options.

The following calculation demonstrates the savings that can be obtained in a typical hotel/motel installation by replacing existing PTACís with RetroAire units:

  • Number of Rooms: 120
  • Occupancy Rate: 85%
  • Annual Cooling Days: 50%
  • Energy Cost: $.08/KWH
  • Estimated Efficiency Gain w/ RetroAire Replacement = 150 Watts per Hour

Annualized Calculation:
Energy Savings:
8,760 Hr/Yr x 120 Units
x .85 Occupancy x .50 Cooling Demand
x 150 WATTS/1,000 = 67014 KILOWATTS

Estimated Annual Savings
with RetroAire replacements:

67014 KWH x $.08/KWH= $5,361.12

Substitute your own numbers and see what a RetroAire upgrade can mean to you.

Substantial energy savings can actually pay for your upgraded equipment.

Number of Rooms:  
Occupancy Rate:   %
% Annual Cooling Days:   %
Energy Cost: $ per KWH
Efficiency Gain:   watts/hr

Annual Savings: $

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